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If the Grinch had a cat, too…

Miraculously, I was able to get Lily to wear the elf hat I bought for her two years ago.  Usually she gets it off right away, and if she can’t, she runs away to paw at it until it comes off.  So imagine my surprise (and joy!) when she left it on AND didn’t run away!  She was still not happy about it, but I plopped her in the front window with the great light for a photo shoot.  Lily kept wanting to lay down, and it was annoying me that so much of the street was showing up in the background.  (Since I wanted to get a picture to use for a Christmas card.) 

Lily got out of the window and jumped up onto the top of the cat tower.  Perfect!  I got some great shots, and some funny ones like this: 

If the Grinch had a cat...

That’s my Lily!  🙂

Photo Shoot

Lady got a new camera, a digital one.  I don’t know why, because she hates them.  (Something about seeing dots… I don’t know, everything I see is purple and blue…)  All I know is now she can take even more pictures of me.  Not sure how I feel about that!

She caught me in the window the other day, and these are the pictures she took of me. 

At first I said no.

Then she got smart and went around the other side of the bay window.  I knew Lady needs a new picture of me for her business card for the Writing Conference she’s going to, so I decided, “Okay.”  I stayed and posed.  😉 

Lady calls me her Green-Eyed Girl.

Can you see my reflection? And the collar I HATE wearing? Though it is pretty.

Strike a pose!

Those are the best! (Of 20+ pics.  Lady is Shutter-Happy.)  I guess I have to admit it is jut a teensy-bit fun to be a model… 😀

Camera Hog

Lady here. I thought it would be funny to send a picture of my new orange purse to my cousin, Patty, who is OBSESSED with orange. And wouldn’t you know who jumped up on the table to sniff it out?

Yup, Lily, who usually runs when I try to get a decent picture of her doing something cute!