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foto fun

Lady downloaded MiniPaint for BlackBerry and is having loads of fun with the filters and clip art. 🙂


Meow-y Christmas!

Lady bought this outfit for me a few years ago, and I decided it was time to let her put it on me. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, and she kept telling me how cute I look! Ten minutes was all I could stand. 😉 But we got a great Christmas card out of it!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Lily and Lady

Work Stoppage

How am I supposed to work on your book, Lily, when you’re sitting on the manuscript?

If the Grinch had a cat, too…

Miraculously, I was able to get Lily to wear the elf hat I bought for her two years ago.  Usually she gets it off right away, and if she can’t, she runs away to paw at it until it comes off.  So imagine my surprise (and joy!) when she left it on AND didn’t run away!  She was still not happy about it, but I plopped her in the front window with the great light for a photo shoot.  Lily kept wanting to lay down, and it was annoying me that so much of the street was showing up in the background.  (Since I wanted to get a picture to use for a Christmas card.) 

Lily got out of the window and jumped up onto the top of the cat tower.  Perfect!  I got some great shots, and some funny ones like this: 

If the Grinch had a cat...

That’s my Lily!  🙂

Sunbathing Beauties

The sun is shining bright this morning, belying the frigid temperature outside. I’m sure all these kitties are glad they live Inside where they’re warm but can still bask in the sunshine. 🙂

Thursday, Lily and Dasher

The front window is always The Place To Be, especially on a day like this!

Nap Time

Sleeping Beauty

My Lookout

I love it when Lady opens the window. It’s fun to sit on the windowsill, but now that she’s got this new body pillow, I can perch and hide and pretend I’m back Outside stalking my prey. Except that I get to be Inside with Lady and good food!