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Sunbathing Beauties

The sun is shining bright this morning, belying the frigid temperature outside. I’m sure all these kitties are glad they live Inside where they’re warm but can still bask in the sunshine. 🙂

Thursday, Lily and Dasher

The front window is always The Place To Be, especially on a day like this!


Introducing Thursday

This is Thursday.  He is one of the cats I live with.  Some say he is a grumpy old man (he is seven, after all!), but I think he just wants to do whatever he wants to do and leave him alone already!  

Thursday checking out the Blizzard of 2010

Thursday likes to sneak into Lady’s room in the morning and climb under the covers.  It’s okay, I guess, except when she doesn’t know he’s there, and he almost gets sat on!  He likes to cuddle (I don’t) and lay on people’s feet.  Silly boy!