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foto fun

Lady downloaded MiniPaint for BlackBerry and is having loads of fun with the filters and clip art. 🙂


Meow-y Christmas!

Lady bought this outfit for me a few years ago, and I decided it was time to let her put it on me. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, and she kept telling me how cute I look! Ten minutes was all I could stand. 😉 But we got a great Christmas card out of it!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Lily and Lady

Work Stoppage

How am I supposed to work on your book, Lily, when you’re sitting on the manuscript?

Lily L-O-V-E-S Greenies!

Whether your cat is a social butterfly or a prima donna, they’ll come running for one thing – the great taste of Feline Greenies dental treats.

GREENIES website

Yeah, no kidding. When Lily hears the bag crinkle, or if I’ve put them in the glass jar, one shake and all I hear is the jingle-jingle of her cat collar as she bolts down the hall. She near knocks me over to get to her dish!

(Originally posted 12.31.07 on Denise’s Random blog)

A few weeks ago I discovered Feline Greenies. I knew my sister bought Greenies got her dog, Earl, and that they were good for his teeth and expensive. The cat treats were reasonably priced, so I bought a bag of Oven Roasted Chicken and Ocean Fish flavors.

Lily sniffed and licked the treat, then bit it. She’s become very gentle when taking food from my hand, not like at first when she would take off a finger! It was very crunchy – clean those teeth! – and when she was done she looked up for another. And another. A serving size is eight pieces, so I gave her that many. Lily was content.

I told my sister about my great cat-treat find, and she was completely under whelmed. Turned out she already knew about them. A few days later, I saw she had mixed Greenies in with her cats’ food. “Oh, cool idea!” I thought.

So I mixed a serving in with Lily’s food. She picked them out and looked up for more. I laughed. “Eat your dinner, Lily!” She did – or most of it, anyway. Over the next few days, I mixed in treats with every other meal – Greenies or Friskies, to finish the bag. Then I noticed Lily was eating less and less of her real food. I even caught her trying to climb onto my dresser to get to the jar of Greenies treats. “Oh, Lily,” I said, “don’t be like your Mommy. You can’t eat only cookies all the time!” She just looked at me. “Greenies!” those green eyes demanded.

I’m a terrible mother. I’ve gone and ruined her appetite with treats.

Photo Shoot

Lady got a new camera, a digital one.  I don’t know why, because she hates them.  (Something about seeing dots… I don’t know, everything I see is purple and blue…)  All I know is now she can take even more pictures of me.  Not sure how I feel about that!

She caught me in the window the other day, and these are the pictures she took of me. 

At first I said no.

Then she got smart and went around the other side of the bay window.  I knew Lady needs a new picture of me for her business card for the Writing Conference she’s going to, so I decided, “Okay.”  I stayed and posed.  😉 

Lady calls me her Green-Eyed Girl.

Can you see my reflection? And the collar I HATE wearing? Though it is pretty.

Strike a pose!

Those are the best! (Of 20+ pics.  Lady is Shutter-Happy.)  I guess I have to admit it is jut a teensy-bit fun to be a model… 😀

Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head

Lady here. We’ve had a few rain days lately, and I leave my umbrella open to dry off. Webster has played with it before, but this is a first.

Scotch, one of the Foster Kitties, decided to use it like a tent. He settled right down like a Rest Tent on Farmville.

Unreliable Alarm Clock

 Cat Kisses
by Bobbi Katz

Sandpaper kisses
On a cheek or a chin –
That is the way
For a day to begin!

Sandpaper kisses –
A cuddle, a purr.
I have an alarm clock
That’s covered with fur.

Lily used to wake me up when she heard my alarm clock.  She would come sit near my head – which was closer to the music! – and nudge the pillow.  Sometimes she plopped herself down next to it, and I couldn’t breathe!  She doesn’t do that anymore though.  She is a most unreliable alarm clock. 

(She’s also not a very good guard dog, either.)