Photo Shoot

Lady got a new camera, a digital one.  I don’t know why, because she hates them.  (Something about seeing dots… I don’t know, everything I see is purple and blue…)  All I know is now she can take even more pictures of me.  Not sure how I feel about that!

She caught me in the window the other day, and these are the pictures she took of me. 

At first I said no.

Then she got smart and went around the other side of the bay window.  I knew Lady needs a new picture of me for her business card for the Writing Conference she’s going to, so I decided, “Okay.”  I stayed and posed.  😉 

Lady calls me her Green-Eyed Girl.

Can you see my reflection? And the collar I HATE wearing? Though it is pretty.

Strike a pose!

Those are the best! (Of 20+ pics.  Lady is Shutter-Happy.)  I guess I have to admit it is jut a teensy-bit fun to be a model… 😀


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