Lily’s True Blue Spa Trading Card!

A few months ago, I submitted Lily’s picture to the cat food company she likes. 

In each bag of her cat food, they have a “trading card” featuring a cat who likes their product.  So I went online and found out you can upload your cat’s picture to make an online trading card, as well as submit the picture to be made into a real card. 

(Here is Lily’s Trading Card! Click “next” because another Lily was added after her.)

So today I received the following email from the Blue Buffalo pet food company: 

Dear Lily and Denise:

We hope you both are doing well and Lily is enjoying her Blue Buffalo. We also wanted to thank you for submitting Lily for a Blue Trading Card. I hope you have been able to go back to the site to see the finished product again and share with family and friends.

As we grow, we are hoping to become more interactive with our BLUE Community and the people and their four legged friends that make us what we are today! With that, I am writing to you hoping you may have an interest in becoming one of our official Trading Card Profiles. This is one of the programs that we wanted to enhance on our website as the Trading Card Program has really caught fire over the years and has become a great interactive element for our loyal users.

All we ask is for you to fill out a slightly more detailed profile of you and your animal companion and submit some more pictures. In turn you would receive a few cool things from BLUE.

Such as:
– A set of printed trading cards that would also be put into actual bags for distribution
– A profile of you and Lily on our trading card web page section
– A year supply of food
– Some cool BLUE gear.

Please let me know if you are interested and I will email you the profile form. You can see the new section that is live on our website under the trading card section.

All the best from your friends at BLUE,

David Petrie
Vice President
Blue Buffalo Co.
11 River Road
Wilton, CT 06897


I did not even hesitate; I wrote back right away. At first I thought it was a mass email with our names inserted, but the guy answered immediately, and sent the application! 

And get this: did you see the prizes she would win, like free food for a year?

If she wins, can I put this on my Query Letters for her book?  😉


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