Before and After

 I’m not sure how long I was living Outside, but I found Lady on August 13, 2007.  (The doctors she took me to told her I was about a year old.  So we celebrate my birthday on August 13.  Or as Lady calls it, “Lily Adoption Day”. :-D)  I guess I was kinda scrawny and my hair was really short.  Musta been all that “natural” food, or those days when I couldn’t find anything to eat.   

Before - when I was living Outside


 Two weeks later I became an Inside cat.   

After - My hair grew in after just a few months Inside!


In just a few short months, my hair grew in!  No one could believe how different I looked, especially after Lady got her film developed (she doesn’t believe in digital cameras – Sister took these with hers ;-)) and we could see the difference!  They said that since I had long ear-hair even when I was not so hairy that I was meant to be long-haired.  I’m not sure talking about my ear-hair is very nice!  

All I know is that all of this hair sure is hard to take care of!


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